Real Life Tekken - Moves of Jin Kazama - BIGGEST YouTube FAIL yet

While YouTube is full of wonderful, creative and insightful people; there are also amazingly lame and immature people.

My point:

copied those moves from Jin Kazama in Tekken 5 (ps2). I did not made those useless moves (like one punch..etc) It's quite exact, but some moves maybe slower. I did not had enought moving space there, so some moves are not 100% accurate, don't complain if you cant make it better :)

So I thought he was honest enough at some point. But lets face it, he's not a martial artist, not even close.

Whats so horrible about this loser is his inability to handle criticisms. He only welcomes praises on his comment section. Once someone posts something bad on his video, he comes back within a day and justifies that the space was limited and he is not a professional martial artist and all that crap and disses the comment-poster and launches personal attacks.

Why not moderate the comments or close the comment section totally you retard? He's supposed to be a hacker based on his other videos. But he can't even moderate his own video comments.

Its amazing that some people are still narrow-minded and plain mean these days.

The video

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