Kanye West Taylor Swift VMA 2009 Aftermath UPDATED

The Kanye West Taylor Swift VMA 2009 Aftermath. After the momentous event at the 2009 VMA where Kanye West dissed Taylor Swift for Beyonce, aftershocks are sure to follow. A few celebrity reactions are all over the web minutes after the incident.

Kanye West threw a bitchfit when he left the building. Apparently he is very upset for loosing on the VMA's for two years in a row.

Twitter posts are also up shortly after the on-stage diss. Pink and Katy Perry were the first ones to tweet. People are also feeling bad for Beyonce. After all, she was also an innocent victim here.

Watch Kanye West and Taylor Swift | VMA 2009 Online

Kanye West has allegedly said sorry to Taylor Swift on his blog but he stands by his opinion that Beyonce's video was better.

Beyonce also gave the stage to Taylor Swift when she received her 2009 VMA award for Video of the Year.

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