Teacup Pigs

What are teacup pigs? Do you want teacup pigs?

Well, at first a few ideas come into mind. Are they pig-designed teacups? Tea cups the size of grown pigs? But they are actually some sort of a craze for celebrities. Like when Paris Hilton had that small dog everywhere she goes. It became like an in thing.

Now tea-cup sized pigs or teacup pigs are more in. Thay became popular a few years ago and it seems that they had decent exposure recently again.

Some actually say pigs (normal pigs) make good pets too. (Like Arnold's pet in the Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold!) And I think if you are going to take good care of your pigs, they can be fairly neat pets.

Now this teacup pigs are very small. Very small that it seems weird seeing them for the first time. I wonder how they do it. Is it like genetically modified or something? But one thing is for sure, they are cute! p9mhjfiqdv

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