(UPDATE) WMX Verification Error

This is a Blogger/Blogspot error. Do you want to know how to fix it? Are you having the same problems?

This is a recent error that appeared among Blogger/Blogspot users. It occurs mainly to those who has just registered a new blog. Some reports say that creating a new post will fix this but most users are saying that this is not so.

So what exactly happens? When a user visits the home page of the blog, he gets this error:

This is the WMX verification file. If you are having problems with the WMX verification for your blog please visit

If you do create another post you can visit it through the permalink for that post. But still, the homepage will not be accessible.

To fix this, subscribe to my reader or via email. I will update this post once a stable fix comes out.

Some affected blogs are already functioning normally. But no official word from Blogger yet. Stay tuned.

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