Tiger Woods Is The New Michael Jackson

Mark my word. After the tragic death of Pop Icon Michael Jackson, someone had to take on one of the less popular thrones he left vacant. As much as we fans might hate it, MJ is also the king (or target) of punchlines.

MJ is often the subject of the funnies on late night talk shows. Now that he is gone, no one would dare touch him not out of fear of fan retaliation but respect to a great man and his legacy.

But lets face it, someone has to take on the throne. And unexpectedly, Tiger Woods took on the spot. With the massive controversy surrounding him, he is now the subject of the evening news and the evening talk shows.

And we can all say that this wont go away. No. Even when this controversy has cleared up, we can expect a few lines thrown here and there.

MJ pic
Tiger pic

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