Izanagi Jutsu - Sharingan Uchiha Forbidden Eye Technique

In Naruto 478, Sasuke continues his epic battle with Danzo. The Naruto manga chapter is entitled Susasno'o Completed.

First, all rumors about Sasuke's Susano'o are cleared. His previous Susasno'o releases are incomplete. It is just completely released in this chapter. We get so see the full extent of Sasuke's Susano'o.

I say Itachi's was cooler

Moving on with the battle, Madara and Karin make their own observations about Danzo's powers and techniques. After careful observation of Sasuke and Danzo's actions and their effects, Madara then said:


That is the name of the technique. More and more shinto folklore terms are being used. has this to say about Izanagi:

Izanagi and his spouse and younger sister Izanami bore many islands, deities and forefathers of Japan. When Izanami died in childbirth, Izanagi tried (but failed) to retrieve her from Yomi (the underworld). In the cleansing rite after his return, he begot Amaterasu (the sun goddess) from his left eye, Tsukuyomi (the moon god) from his right eye and Susanoo (tempest or storm god) from his nose.

As you can see the terms Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi and Susano'o are also Uchiha eye techniques. We wont be surprised if Izanami apeears in the future as well.

Theory: Most likely, it will be a partner jutsu with Izanami just like the Amaterasu-Tsukuyomi-Susano'o trio and it will be more powerful than anything else shown before since it is forbidden by the Uchiha clan itself. It might have something to do with life-and-death matters like the Jutsu used by Orochimaru and Pain. After all Izanagi and Izanami are creators in the myth.

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Update: Izanagi Revealed


  1. My personal guess is that Madara cast Izanagi on his left "eternal" sharingan and lost his sight in that eye but forever gained the abilities of Izanagi because he had a eternal sharingan

  2. Very interesting theory. And its very possible too.

  3. sasuke will prolly suck on karin and gain back his chakra and pawn danzo!

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