Naruto Manga 479

The latest Naruto continues the story.

Still we have no update on Naruto, but that doesn't matter. The Sasuke - Danzou action. Izanagi's power is finally revealed thanks to Madara. It is a very powerful jutsu indeed. Maybe thats why it was forbidden by the Uchiha clan itself.

Karin proceeds to uncover Izanagi on her own and assists Sasuke. On Danzou's side, he realizes that his time is running out and summons a Baku - a mythical chimera that devours nightmares. This does not work very well for Danzou though. Sasuke, now knowing more about Izanagi, now charges on to finish the battle. He tries to force Danzou to a tighter fight to drain his chakra and end Danzou's Izanagi.

A final blow is dealt!

Naruto 479 Sasuke danzou

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