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Lockerz is awesome. You can get free stuff and they ship internationally. Unlike most Internet offers that are only available in the US, Canada and the UK; Lockerz is available worldwide.

How does it work?

You need to earn PTZ to redeem prizes. You can earn Lockerz PTZ by the following:

Log-in daily - everytime you log-in after 24 hours, there is a button at the bottom-left of your screen you can click to claim 2 PTZ.
Invite a friend - people can only join Lockerz by invitation. My friends are really glad I introduced Lockerz to them.
Answer Dailies - "Dailies" is located at the bottom right of the screen. Just click on it and answer the question.
Watch videos via Play - Lockerz Play feature gives you 2 PTZ for every video you watch.

That is how you earn PTZ.

What can I get?

They exchange PTZ for several prizes. Among them are

Real Money via Paypal or Amazon
Electronics like iPods, game consoles and laptops
Novelty stuff like shirts, boards and the like.

Why and how is it legit?

Lockerz CEO is Kathy Savitt who used to be Vice President at and the CMO at American Eagle. The major contributors financially to is Liberty Media, which owns a major part of Time Warner.

I know it looks like a scam and it looks to good to be true. But there is a logical explanation where Lockerz gets its funding. This is how I think they get funding:

Dailies provide statistical data to (presumably) paying research groups. With millions of users answering the daily questions, the amount of data can be used by researchers, marketing personnel or who ever Lockerz clients may be.

Play feature alows content creators to distribute their works to thousands or millions of people everyday.

Lockerz is very popular. They have millions of users. If they were a scam, thousands would have sued them already. But I bet you wont find a single person who sued Lockerz.

How do I join?

Just leave a comment here with your email address and I will invite you. You have nothing to loose, sign-up is free. Even if you just want to browse around the site for more info, thats ok. If you're really skeptical, you can send me a dummy email add and use that to join in and learn more about Lockerz for yourself.


Joining Lockerz is absolutely FREE. They ask for no credit card numbers or any financial information. All they need is your name and address (for where to send the prizes)

The interface is very easy to navigate. If you have any troubles, you can come back here and ask me.

Remember, all I need is your email address so that I can invite you. Leave your email add here so I can invite you.

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