Naruto Manga 483 - Sasuke's Sad State | Another Epic Battle Approaches

Latest Naruto is out. This is one of the few chapters where I am actually surprised by the events that happen and are likely to happen.

So Sakura meets Sasuke and intends to kill him herself. But Sakura said she just wants to serve Sasuke. Sasuke told Sakura to prove her sincerity by killing Karin. All the while, Sasuke is planning on killing Sakura too.

Naruto Manga 483
Kakashi To The Rescue

Now a battle seems inevitable between former student and teacher. Kakashi admits his shortcomings as a sensei and realized how and why Sandaime treated Orochimaru that way even though Orochimaru betrayed Konoha.

Naruto Manga 483
Another Battle Nears

Honestly, I do not know how in the ninja world Sasuke would win this fight. He is beaten to a pulp by Danzou with his Izanagi. Sasuke didn't even win without any help. Backtracking, Sasuke was never able to beat Killer Bee, Raikage and the other Kages; and all the while he always had help of some kind!

Even though Kakashi has low chakra levels, Sasuke is virtually out of chakra. And Naruto is fast approaching.

Good luck, Sasuke. You're going to need it.

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