Tiger Woods Body Language On The Apology Video

I saw an article about Tiger's body language. They claim that Tiger was insincere on his apology due to his tone and body language.

Watch Tiger Woods Apology Video

I cannot argue with the facts on the article I read. I know how important tone is. His statement might be strongly worded but his tone needs a lot to be desired. It is very obvious that Tiger Woods sounds robotic and he has an un-natural body language too. He was looking at the camera at specific moments. Even though we already know he has a script, the level of scripted-ness was higher.

But I drive a different conclusion from the observations. First, lets face it - a lot of people are not good public speakers. Stage fright is a popular concept for a reason. A lot of people dread to speak on stage in front of a crowd - even in normal situations. I think Tiger is one of them. Though he is used to being in the limelight, speaking (or delivering a speech) is a different story. And we add the fact that the man is under a lot of pressure. He is also a under a lot of stress.

I think partly to blame is he (or his publicist) might have planned to much about the speech that it looked too scripted and insincere.

Why do I think that's the case? I see no reason for Tiger to be insincere at this point. He has nothing to loose and nothing to protect and nothing to hide anymore. I think he just wants vindication.

My 2 cents.

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