Who Got Voted Off American Idol

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Do you want to know who got voted off? American Idol Season 9 has just started the Top 24 round. As fated, after the first set of performances, two guys and two girls will go home.

So Who Got Voted Off American Idol?

Tyler Grady, Joe Munoz, Ashley Rodriguez and Janell Wheeler

Almost expectedly, those who are too vanilla are the ones who got the boot. America wants her spice and flavor in performance. Also those who had less exposure in Hollywood week were the ones booted out too.

Its a shame Janell had such a pretty face. Too bad that wasn't enough to save her even just for another week.

American Idol Tyler Grady
Tyler Grady

American Idol Janell Wheeler
Janell Wheeler

American Idol Ashley Rodriguez
Ashley Rodriguez

American Idol Joe Munoz
Joe Munoz

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