Akap Bata Party List

Akap Bata Party List was reported on the news as supposedly being used by Manny Villar and the Nacionalista Party to extend Villar's 120-minute cap on TV ad airtime.

It was discussed on the news how strikingly similar the campaign jingles of Manny Villar and Akap Bata Party List are. Akap Bata and Nacionalista denies affilation with each other. A Facebook fan page of Akap Bata Party list was found and it was related to Manny Villar's fan page.

Candidates are given a 120-minute cap on ads for TV. It was reported that Manny Villar is nearing his limit. But it was cleared that the 120-minute cap for the presidential candidate is separate from the 120 minutes alloted to the political party. That fact opens a loop hole for the candidate.

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