Bleach Manga Chapter 397 - Saved By The Last Page

I purposely did not write about the last chapter because it was very, very boring. The events are starting to get a little too outrageous. I know its fiction, but its getting too unbelievable.

Before coninuing, I'd like to ask where is Yamamoto? He kicked ass last few chapters but I don't really know what happened. And where the hell is Gin Ichimaru??

Ok, this issue continues Aizen and Ichigo's converstaion. For a long while, it seemed that its not an action manga. Its like its drama. And deep within the heavy drama, Aizen reveals that he has been watching Ichigo since he was born. As Aizen was about to disclose a huge revelation, something more epic happens.

Bleach Manga Chapter 397

Kurosaki Isshin appears! Yes, Ichigo's father joins the party - in all his Shinigami pride. This is literally a series-saver for me. With all the inconsistencies (for me) and cheap story details, I was ready to drop Bleach. I was planning on stopping my patronage every week and just checking on it once in a while just to see how past plots come in full cirlce.

But now, I am more pumped up to follow Bleach! I hope Kubo doesn't disappoint.

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