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Darksydephil is a video game commentator and comedian on YouTube. He rose to fame mainly because of his series of Street FIghter IV Videos. He is a tournament-caliber Street Fighter player. He participated on several Street Fighter tournaments accross the US both as a player and as an organizer.

Unlike some other video game commentators on YouTube, he adds his funny comments as he plays the game. He also captures footage directly from his HD TV via an HD camera. He does not use any hardware or software to capture video from his console. He uploads vidoes as soon as he is done. He does not add any special intros or music on his videos.

He uploads several vidoes at a time especially when he is doing a playthrough. He is currently on his Final Fantasy 13 (FFXIII)p roject and he will take on God Of War 3 (GOW3) next.

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