Hayley Williams Hair

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No doubt one of this generation's most popular bands is Paramore. For being a relitively young band (formed in 2005), Paramore is incredibly popular. Aside from its music, one of its major attraction is the fact that its lead singer is a girl - a hot girl. Hayley Williams. Very few rock bands make it with a leading girl vocalist. That's interesting since most of the rock audience are men.

And one of Hayley's most striking feature is her hair. I do not know if she has always done her hair like that before (since Im not a fan) but the way she wears her hair nowadays really catch attention. First time I saw it, it was bright orange. Yup, Hayley Williams' Hair is bright orange. Then it was flaming red on that video of them I saw where they perfomed Decode from Twilight on Kimmel.

Then she did her hair blonde. And its not as "exciting" as the others. I guess that's why she colors her hair in loud colors. Because of her terribly pale skin, she looks too vanilla, too plain if her hair color is too normal. Its not that she does not have a pretty face, its just that its not a superstar look.

I don't really know her real hair color. It might be brown, brunette or what ever. All I know is that she looks better when her her is in striking colors!

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