Justin Bieber Fag

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Justin Bieber is so famous today. I do not know why. He can't sing. His songs are crap, his voice is crap and he looks like he's 8 years old.

I am personally confused why and how he is so famous. He isn't like some sort of American Idol contestant who becomes famous for a while then goes away, he is so freaking popular. Its disturbing that teenage girls are screaming over this little Canadian fag.

I hope he gets out of the music business. He is hurting an alreay dying musical industry. The musical industry is not dying because of piracy, its dying because of greedy capitalism. Companies market those who are more profitable like the Disney brats and Justin Bieber Fag and sacrifice musical value. They don't care if these so-called musicians are terrible as long as they can sell albums and concert tickets.

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