Naruto Shippuden Manga Chapter 488 - Kiba Is A Whining Vagina, The Princess Is Back

The story progresses beautifully. Though it is still full of talk-talk-talk, a lot of new developments unfold.

We start with scenes from the different Kages. They have returned to their villages and are greeted by their kin.

Then we proceed to see how Kiba is a huge whining vagina. We also see Sai's companions from Anbu Root. They confirm that Danzou is dead.

Back at the village, Naruto and his friends talk about what happened with Sasuke and Madara and what they plan to do. Kiba shows off his big vagina again and whine endlessly.

More into the chapter, as Kakashi was about to be chosen as Hokage, huge news breaks into the room. Tsunade-hime is awake.

Now with Sasuke and company, Sasuke gets Itachi's eyes. To be fair to him, I think it is about time. Sasuke has been an utter weakling until now. I hope his new eyes do wonders for him.

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