Naruto Shipuuden Manga Chapter 485 - Naruto Continues His Training As A Motivational Speaker

Naruto Shipuuden Manga Chapter 485 Sakura
We start off (and quickly at that) with the action scene where we left from last chapter. Naruto saves Sakura (for the gazillionth time) Kakashi admits again that Naruto has surpassed him.

After that, Naruto once again does his speech that seems to overcome every hero and villain in the story. Its like Naruto has magical powers that makes every one see the light. But this time, Sasuke is in too much darkness. Sasuke refuses to listen even when Naruto said that he knows the truth about Itachi.

Kakashi prepares for battle against Sasuke and orders Naruto and Sakura to leave. Quickly deploying his Kage Bunshin, Naruto holds off Kakashi and proceeds a to deliver a Rasengan to Sasuke's charged Chidori.

Meanwhile, Karin has severed her ties with Sasuke.

Honestly, how can Sasuke win this? Even if Karin partially healed him, he is still tired and he is already experiencing partial blindness from Sharinagan use.

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