Naruto Shipuuden Manga Chapter 486

Though we had a fairly eventful Naruto Shipuuden Manga Chapter 486, I fear Naruto Shipuuden Manga Chapter 486 wont be as exciting.

I just know that Naruto will continue his loooong talk with Sasuke and its gonna be anyone's guess wether Sasuke will listen or not. I bet he wont. Then Kakashi will get free and things will start to get more boring. Naruto will tell Kakashi to back off. And Kakashi, thinking that Naruto can still somehow talk to Sasuke will listen.

Meanwhile, as Karin gets better, Sakura will be asked to bring her back to the village. Finally, some use for Sakura.

I'd really hate to see Kakashi do battle against Sasuke. Because if that happens, Kakahsi is dead. I'm not saying that I think Sasuke reasonably kill him but if you look at the story, you can't kill off Sasuke right now. If Kakashi dies, its gonna be a bummer. If he's gonna die at all, I wish he had just died back then in the Pain attacks Konoha arc.

BTW, where is Madara again? And what happened to his arm?

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