Powerpuff Corn - Pilipinas Got Talent

The duo took everyone by surprise. They were awesome.

I didn't like how the show's script portrayed them at first though, effin Philipine entertainment stereotype! Very weak writing.

Their audition piece sounded a little like Through The Fire and it caused quite a stir. It was the disappointment to some that it turned out to be the Tropical Depression hit Bilog Na Naman Ang Buwan. (rock on, Papa Dom!!)

You can tell that The Powerpuff Corn are real musicians. The long haired vocalist had an amazing voice. He sounded and looked like Jay from rock band Kamikazee, only better. His voice was perfect for a rockstar.

The judges even asked for an encore from them and they didn't disappoint. They performed Don't Let Me Down by The Beatles.

Here are a few Powerpuff Corn videos:

Umbrella by Powerpuff Corn

According to my research they are actually a reggae band up in Baguio. They have performed also in bars in Manila like Xaymaca. But in this Pilipinas Got Talent Audition, its just the guitarist and vocalist.

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