PS3 Swap Magic

Do you want to use Swap Magic for your PS3? Have been waiting for this solution for your PS3 gaming?

Swap Magic is a popular tool used for game consoles like the PS2. It is used to enable unmodded game consoles to run non-original discs. For a console to be able to run home-burned discs, it has to be modded. Modding a console means installing a special chip for it to be able to bypass the verification of an original disc. But modding a console means loosing your warranty and you will be banned from online play on networks like PSN (Playstation Network) and XBOX Live.

But another way to use non-original or backup discs on game consoles is to use Swap Magic. With Swap Magic, you put in the Swap Magic disc in first and let the console boot up and then you put in the game disc. This is popularly used for the PS2.

As of now, only the PS3 is not able to run backup discs. The game consoles in its generation - Wii and Xbox 360 - can both be modded to run backup discs. Therefore using Swap Magic in a PS3 is not possible yet.

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