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Tumblr is a fast rising blogging platform among Internet users. It is massively popular compared to its very young age.


I see Tumblr as a more sophisticated Twitter - in a very literal sense. With tumblr, you have a dashboard where you see the content published by those people you follow (like on Twitter.) The only difference is that with tumblr, people can post media. Users can put videos, music and photos on their posts where as Twitter tweets may only include text and links.

And like re-tweeting, people can re-blog your post and you can re-blog other people's posts. Tumblr used to have a tumblarity score which is a measure of how popular you are on tumblr. It was roughly based on how many followers you have and how many times people re-blog your content. But several months ago, they removed tumblarity.

Like in Twitter too, you can personalize your tumblr background or tumblr theme. People choose to personalize their tumblr layouts to express themselves more. You can do this by choosing from the gallery provided by tumblr. Personally, I don't see much point into giving that much effort into personalizing your layout. People only see you tumbler blog or tumblog once or twice. If they like it, they follow you and they won't check out you blog again. They can see your posts from their dashboards. I think personalizing your own layout is mainly just for you like personalizing your Twitter background.

This is of course a little different if you are a professional who uses tumblr for web presence or if you are using your tumblr as a communication medium for your company. In either cases, its better to have your tumblr look reflect who you (or your company) are. In these cases, a customized or premium tumblr theme is preferable, even if people are going to check out your tumblr once or twice.

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