Adam Bouska | Facebook Disabled Account

Who is Adam Bouska?

from his website ( -

Adam Bouska (born October 31, 1983 in Decatur, Illinois) is an American fashion photographer who runs a photography studio based out of West Hollywood, California. He is known for pictures of male models in particular, and is considered a rising 'superstar photographer'. His work has been printed in DNA Magazine and reFRESH and has already been featured at major websites, such as and Bouska's most recent model, Ryan Barry, is noted as being the boyfriend of Reichen Lehmkuhl. He is also noted for his work with America's Next Top Models; Bre Scullark, Amanda Babin, and Michelle Babin.

Adam resides in West Hollywood, California.

Fashion Adam Bouska photographer had his Facebook account disabled as well as his Fan Page. Facebook said that they are aware of the issue and are working on it. For privacy reasons, Facebook refused to disclose further information.

There is even a Facebook Group now aiming to re-instate Adam Bouska's Facebook profile and Facebook Fan Page.

Adam Bouska is the founder of the NOH8 campaign.

His Fan Page URL is But if you visit it, it will just lead you to Facebook's home page.

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