Bleach Manga Chapter 398 Gin In Action - Bankai

I said in Bleach Manga Chapter 398 Predictions and Spoilers that I was expectecting a "talk" chapter. They did talk a lot, but not Aizen. Darn.

Bleach Manga Chapter 398 Gin In Action
- The chapter is mostly on Ichigo and Isshin talking. Very boring part. It got exciting when Gin showed up though. Looks like its gonna be Gin vs Ichigo and Isshin vs Aizen. Very interesting.

What's even more intersting is that Gin released his Bankai. Yep, we are going to see Gin Ichimaru Bankai for the first time. We only saw Shinso or Divine Spear I think once and now he isn't holding back even a little quickly releasing his bankai. What will happen in Bleach Manga 399?

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