Darksydephil Account Suspended DSP YouTube Account Suspended

For Darksydephil fans, the unthinkable has happened. His YouTube accout in disabled.

If you have been following his channel, you know that he has gotten a couple of YouTube warnings. In his channel updates, he has been really careful. He even created a new channel just for the FFXIII playthrough. Btw FF13 Vanille is hot. He blurred scenes on his God of War 3 playthrough to avoid being flagged and getting suspended. Too bad he is now suspended.

He is in the middle of his Splinter Cell playthrough but I haven't finished watching his Megaman 10 videos. With the looks of things, looks like I won't finish the series anytime soon. He'll probably upload an update video on his King Of Hate HD channel anytime soon.

If you want your DSP fix you can go to



Update: So Phil comes out with a video:

A few points:

Phil confirms that the main channel Darksydephil is suspended.

Don't panic.

Phil will be creating a separate channel for Street Fighter with the coming Super Street Fighter 4 and a separate channel for playthroughs.

Phil will be reducing the amount of playthroughs he does because 1) he'll be busy with SSF4 and SBo 2) its the mediocre games that got him in trouble and he wants to avoid that.

Honestly, I don't think the videos are gone. Like Facebook, its unlikely that YouTube deletes the videos. I know they still have that somewhere. What am I talking about? In Facebook, upload a photo. Then get that photo's direct URL. Then delete that photo. The photo will naturally be gone from your album. But if you paste the URL in your address bar, the photo is still there. That means the media is still on their serves.

Dammit I'm not done with Megaman 10. And I want to re-watch the God Of War 3 playthrough.

Anyway, go ahead and subscribe to THEKINGOFHATEHD

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  1. Damn, I was watching almost all his plays.
    one of the best, r.i.p