iPad Torn Apart

With the release of the Apple iPad, several things are sure flood the Internet streets. First impressions, initial hands-on experiences and the like. While some take the time and effort to tear the iPad apart and see what makes it tick.

Big tech blogs have made this a habit. I have seen Engadget, Gizmodo and MacRumors feature articles detailing the components of the latest gadgets like the iPhone, iPod Touch 3G, the Google Nexus One phone and you bet, most probably the iPad.

Its kind of like reverse engineering. They take it apart and see how each component cost. Then they subtract the total cost of the components from the retail price and you get the manufacturing cost, advertising cost and other miscellaneous costs.

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I think the iPhone was priced at around $170+ if I remember correctly. So how much are the components of the iPad? We'll see.

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