Naruto Shippuden Manga 490 - The Name Of This Should Not Be Naruto. It Should Be SASUKE.

So most of my Naruto Shippuden manga 490 Spoilers and Predictions are wrong but some are right.

Madara was reluctant to accept Kabuto's offer. But Kabuto showed something that changed Madara's mind. I wonder what it is? Perhaps its the First Hokage. I remember Orochimaru was able to summon him during his fight against the 3rd Hokage. It can also be the Rikudo Sage himself.

Now we answer the question - What does Kabuto want? He wants Sasuke. Why is everyone obsessed with Sasuke in this story? If you think about it, EVERYONE - Naruto, Sakura, Orochimaru, Madara... the list goes on. Does he have some sort of Sharingan dick?

Anyway, Madara agrees to Kabuto's request on the condition-

that Kabuto does not touch Sasuke (that sounds pedo-ish) until the war is over.

Not far away, Anko and company find Madara and Kabuto as they are going to their underground lair.

Naruto agrees to the Sage frog's request to release the 9-tail's chakra and use it. Naruto reckons he cannot keep running away from the fact that he is the demon fox host.

Kisame gets a hold of the Raikage's battle plans. And also, we see Killer Bee come up with the term "Dattebayo!"

Who misses DB Fansubs??

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