Naruto Shippuden manga 490 Spoilers and Predictions

The previous chapter was eventful in itself. It also had 20 pages. They usually have only 17.

Naruto Shippuden Manga Chapter 489 - I Remember Why Kabuto Is My Favorite. In that chapter, Kabuto makes an offer to Madara. I am not sure why kabuto did this. But more importatnly, how will Madara react?

I think Madara will accept Kabuto's offer. Madara has very limited forces now. Even if he has most of the tailed beasts, it will be hard to control so I think he'll need all the help he can get. Sasuke will not mind it as long as Kabuto doesn't get in the way or try something sneaky. Zetsu has very serious doubts though.

Battle plans continue among all ninja villages. We see Killer Bee with Kisame.

The new jutsu is taught to Naruto but he refuses to use it since he cant control the nine-tails' chakra yet.

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