Naruto Shippuden Manga Chapter 492 Spoilers and Predictions

Naruto Shippuden Manga Chapter 491 Story Goes On But Surprisingly Not Boring. Now we move on. I hope I do better this time.

Naruto gets a formal introduction from Hachibi. They agree and get along well because of their weird attitude. They talk for a while and Sasuke comes up. Naruto then recalls a few recent meeting with Sasuke and thinks about what he is planning the next time they meet. Now Kisame and Samehada are shown again. He is happy that no one has noticed him yet.

We see Kabuto and Madara on their base. Just like the Kages, they are laying out their battle plans for the war. They talk about Gedo Mazo for a while and how Madara is going to use the Tailed beasts since they have no hosts anymore.

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