Who Is Steve Jones? | DSP Darksydephil YouTube Fiasco

Are you looking for Steve Jones? Do you want to know who he is?

First, a quick review. We all know that "Darksydephil Account Suspended DSP YouTube Account Suspended" from a few days back. And after that, a lot has happened.

1. Phil used his THEKINGOFHATEHD channel for communication. He created additional channels for gaming and exclusive Street Fighter content.
2. He filed a counter-claim against the copyright claim that was filed against him.
3. Fans stormed the Ubisoft forums demanding for an explaination.
4. He continued to pump out videos on his channels, life goes on.
5. Ubisoft responded to the forum activity in their website saying that it was never them who filed a copyright claim against Darksydephil.
6. We see that its actually a certain Steve Jones who filed a copyright claim against DSP.

So DSP was right all along. YouTube was so scared of further conflict that they didn't check the credentials of the people who file copyright claims. Anyway, as I've said before, DSP's channel is still there. I'm guessing it'll be up in a few.

Who Is Steve Jones? | DSP Darksydephil YouTube Fiasco
Who the hell is Steve Jones?

There are several Steve Jones actually. Most famous of course, is the Sex Pistols guitarist. And a Google search reveals that there are more Steve Jones - botanist, presenter and even one in landscaping. Its a fairly common name.

Who filed the copyright claim? Who knows? We'll have to wait and see.


  1. Maybe it's a troll..?

  2. I think it's a Steve from Yugioh Abridged. Their boss did suspend TeamFourStar after all..

    Seriously though, I think this "Steve" might be a scapegoat. Maybe he doesn't work for Ubisoft ANYMORE?