Darksydephil Account Suspended DSP YouTube Account Suspended AGAIN!

That's right! After the issue was resolved after three weeks, Darksydephil is suspended AGAIN!

That video was weeks ago when Darksydephil was re-instated for the first time. Looks like DSP's detractors are not letting is go easily.

If you remember, a certain Steve Jones filed a false copyright claim agianst Darksydephil weeks ago. We thought it was Ubisoft then Ubisoft came out and said that it wasn't them. Because of that DSP was suspended.

Now GTA people - Rockstar Games filed around 27 more copyright claims agains all of his Grand Theft Auto videos. If we remember, he still has a strike from the WWE videos he has. That strike likely wont go away since he has some televised footage there.

Now just recently I saw the Darksydephil Facebook Fan Page and it said that DSP was suspended again. When I checked YouTube, its true. I cannot view

Darksydephil Account Suspended

What's wrong with people? We just want to watch video game footage with funny commentaries.

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