Naruto Manga 501 Raw Spoilers Predictions

Hello Naruto Fans! Are you looking for the latest Manga Chapter of Naruto Shippuden? It's getting more and more exciting isn't it? Things just keep on getting cooler and cooler! Naruto Manga 501 English sub will be made available once it is released. New Manga is typically released Thursday (Japan time.) Before that, spoilers, predictions and a raw (not translated) version is released.

Naruto is without a doubt the most popular Anime and Manga of this generation. And arguably, of all time. It is a story about a young boy, an outcast. His name is Naruto. He is despised by this village because he has a monter inside of him. But despite of this, he fought and proved that he deserves people's understanding and respect. He aims to be the village Hokage - the village leader and the strongest ninja in the village.

Naruto Manga appears weekly in the Japanese comic book Shonen Jump along with other huge titles like Bleach and One Piece.

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