Naruto Manga Chapter 499 Confirmed - A New Seal

Here you go. In Naruto Manga Chapter 498, Naruto learns about his mother. He learned how Kushina and Minato fell in love.

In this new chapter, we learn that Kushina was the previous 9-tails Jinchuriki. The Rikudo Sage is also mentioned in this chapter. I wonder what the Rikudo Sage's deeper connection with the Kyuubi and Kushina is.

Here is a blog with updated Naruto Manga. English subs are released every Thursday morning Japan time. So raw and spoilers are released days earlier.

Update: Here is how it went. Naruto finally won his tug-of-war battle against the Nine-tails. This angered the Nine-tails very much. So the Kyuubi has set an attack - a giant chakra ball. But Naruto acquired a new seal. This seal imprisoned the Nine-tails again. The Nine-tails identified the seal (somewhat) as the Rikudo Sage's. He is very pissed off. I'm guessing Naruto and the Kyuubi will haveanother battle in the future.

Then Kushina drops the bomb: She was the former Jinchuuriki of the Nine-tails. And that was were it all began.

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