Naruto Shippuden Manga "Chapter 500 The Birth Of Naruto" - I should start doing predictions again

It was epic! Which is the exact opposite of what I can say about Bleach nowadays.

Though it's not an action chapter, it's still very intersting! So here's how it went:

Kushina is finally telling Naruto what happened during the 9-tails' attach 16 years in the past.

Turns out, Kushina is the original Jinchuuriki of the Nine-tails before Naruto. But even earlier -

Kushina is from the Eddy village. That village is a close friend of the Leaf. As a matter of fact, the Senju of the Leaf and the Uzumaki clan of the Eddy are distant blood relatives. And the first Hokage's wife is Uzumaki Mito (I'm thinking from the Eddy village). Uzumaki Mito is the first Jinchuuriki of the Nine-Tails.

The Eddy had particularly strong Sealing Techniques. Even so, Kushina was still an exception as she was above the rest. She had special chakras.

When Mito was getting old, they brought in Kushina from the Eddy to be the next Jinchuuriki.

Fast forward to 16 years ago - during the attack of the 9-tails. It was actually Naruto's Birthday! October 10th. You see, during child-birth, that is when the seal is the weakest.

So the Konoha heads planned a special child birth procedure outside the village to oversee the process. But, the masked villain knew of this all. He knew that the seal would be weakest during child birth. And when Kushina gave birth, yes you guessed it, the masked man attacked. He quickly disposed of the ANBU standing guard outside. And then took infant Naruto hostage.


Read it now: Naruto Manga Chapter 500

A few intersting facts we find out:

Naruto is actually related to the Senju. His mom is from the Uzumaki clan which is a distant relative of the Senju.

(if the Uzumaki and Senju are related, then Hashirama marrying Mito is kinda incest right? lol)

Sasuke was born a few days before Naruto. Sasuke's name was from the third Hokage's father.

The "whirlwind" symbol used in Konoha is actually the Eddy village's symbol. Konoha is still using it as a sign of good relationship with the Eddy.

Also, the Third was supposedly with them during the childbirth - was he not able to face the masked villain?

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