Scrubs anyone?

I've always loved the look of scrubs on people. Medical scrubs and uniforms fit just about anyone. In fact, when I was in college, I thought of buying a pair of nursing scrub uniforms not because I want to pretend I'm a nurse but because I think it's really, really cool. But there are only a few medical uniforms stores in our area and they were more expensive than I thought. Also, it might confuse my friends.

But still, I really like medical scrub uniforms. I like how people look on them. I guess this is why nurses are immediately perceived as "hot." And I can see why. I've seen people in their casual clothes and they just look normal but when they wear their nursing uniforms, they instantly look more attractive. And since Halloween is just around the corner, there's an excellent costume idea for you. You can come as a nurse. I remember in an episode on the TV show friends where Joey wanted Ross' girlfriend to come as a "slutty nurse" and she did come as a nurse but Chandler mistook her as a "slutty nurse."

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