Trending: 66-Year-Old Lolo Now A Popular DOTA 2 Player

Now trending in Facebook is the story of this 66-year-old grandfather who was advised by his physician to take up a new hobby to exercise his mind. The doctor's mind exercise of choice happens to be DOTA 2 - a popular online game among the youth.

Facebook user Tryke Gutierriez writes:

The story behind the 66 year old DOTA 2 player.

A few years ago, this lolo was recommended by his doctor to play computer games as a form of stress reliever and for him to be able to exercise his brain. Apparently when you grow old, you tend to just sit and stay at home and that can make your mind deteriorate so its best to find an activity that involves logic and decision making. The doctor specifically recommended DOTA 2, a strategy heavy game just like how other doctors recommend the elderly to play majong. According to the people here in iloilo this 66 year old lolo comes to acclaim comp shop in the morning and plays DOTA 2 for the whole day everyday regularly and is a popular figure in the cafe. I don't know personally if theres a science that can prove what the doctor recommended but this is definitely an out of the box medication but it seems to be working fine.

P.S. sniper and viper best heroes ni lolo

66 year old dota 2 player


There is a possibility that the lolo Dota will be on local TV show MMK.

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