What To Do After The Comelec Hack And Database Leak

In the what is hopefully the aftermath of the Comelec website hacking and database leak, we are left with nothing but a few security measures to counter possible identity-related issues that might stem from the said incident. Or at the very least, provide us peace-of-mind. Here are some steps you can take to help you sleep better at night.

1. Change Your Email Address

If you're using one email address for all your online accounts, good for you. All you have to do is create a new email address and use your new email address from now on. If you're using more than one email address, better file a leave from work because it looks like it's going to take you hours, if not days to update everything.

2. Change Your Email Address On All Your Accounts

List all your accounts and profiles where you are using your email address. Now log-in to those accounts and change your email address. If you just go onto Facebook and don't use anything else online, good for you. For the Internet-savvy people who has several accounts, I feel you.

3. Change Your Backup Security Measure On All Your Accounts

This includes changing your security question/s. Change everything.

4. Contact Your Bank / Credit Card Company

Call your bank / credit card company / financial institution and inform them of the situation.

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