IT Expert Counters Marcos Camp Statements

Facebook user Wilhansen Li posted a statement countering the claims laid out by vice-presidential bet Bongbong Marcos. In May 11, 2016, Bongbong Marcos's team held a press conference questioning some events that happened during the counting of the election results. He writes-

TL;DR: they're getting desperate and are lying through their teeth.

1) The VCMs send results to not one, but THREE INDEPENDENT servers. If you ever tried to alter the results in the transparency server, the numbers on the central and national canvassing servers will differ.

2) One surefire way to prove that the transparency server is compromised is by comparing the tallies of it to the central server located here:

3) Just to nitpick (but it shows how technically inept their explanation is): A packet is what we call data that is packaged to be sent between computers. It's like the box that you put your stuff in to have it shipped. It does not have such thing as a "hash code", but it does have a "checksum".

4) Let's give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they probably meant that the data was altered in transit and the hash code of the data is altered in order to fake the data's authenticity. This is also wrong since the data is encrypted AND digitally signed (see on what digital signatures are) so just tampering the hash code is not enough and the data will be rejected if it's not signed. Signing the data requires the BEI's private keys which is in the SD cards of the VCM... not in the CCS or transparency server! So you can't just generate fake data on the transparency server alone.

P.S. to play the "an IT expert said X" game, this is written by a professional programmer, co-founder of a software developement company, and part-time instructor at Ateneo who read through the source code of the Automated Election System on a pro-bono basis (i.e. I did it for free, sacrificing my time and money).

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